Critique Groups

February 11th, 2022, from 2:30-3:45 on Zoom.

Link to be provided before the conference.

Spend hour-and-fifteen minutes working in a small focus group guided by a professional author.

You’ll share a sample of your writing or an excerpt of a longer work (please do not share a condensed version). You will receive feedback, and provide helpful comments to other members of the group.

Group leaders will be in contact regarding ahead-of-time writing preparation.

Pro Tip! Record yourself reading your material. Watch, listen, and perfect.

Group Leaders


Sands Hall

Send your submission to sands at sandshall dot com
Submission Limit: 500 words


Kirsten Casey

Please send two poems (of no longer than 3 pages total) to markirsten at comcast dot net
by January 26th. Once collected, all of the workshop submissions will be emailed to the entire critique group, to allow time to become familiar with the work before feedback is offered.


Devi Laskar

1500-2000 word submission by February 4th to dlaskar at mac dot com


Kim Culbertson

Send your submission by January 29th to kim at kimculbertson dot com
Submission Limit: 5 pages


*When emailing authors, remove all spaces and replace at with @ and dot with .