Ellen Szabo

Ellen Szabo practices and promotes the use of creative writing for personal transformation and social justice advocacy. She earned her B.A. from Harvard College, with a concentration in English and American Literature, and her M.Ed. from Columbia University Teacher’s College, in Counseling Psychology. She teaches the annual Creative Writing for Social Work seminar at the University of Iowa School of Social Work where her focus is on how innovation and creativity can illuminate, inspire, and advocate compassionate personal transformation and social change. Her practice is based in Cape Ann, Massachusetts where she offers online workshops, classes, coaching and content editing to beginning, intermediate and advanced writers of fiction and creative nonfiction. She is a published author, including two books: Love and Apocalypse; Externalizing Your Inner Apocalypse with Creative Writing, and Saving the World One Word at a Time; Writing Cli-Fi. Her poem, “I Am Here” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

For more information, visit www.szabocreativeconsulting.com


Saving the World, One Word at aTime; Writing Cli-Fi

Friday, February 11th | 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Cli-Fi is fiction with a mission: to inspire change by raising awareness of the climate crisis. There are times when fiction can engage conscience more effectively than nonfiction, by exploring conjectured outcomes in inventive ways. Cli-fi can reach people who might not otherwise be receptive to climate change issues.
This workshop is designed to facilitate creative expression in an informative, supportive environment using PowerPoints, discussion, writing prompts and facilitated feedback of participants’ writing. The focus is exploration and discovery of each person’s unique writing voice as they delve into the Cli-fi genre.