Catharine Bramkamp & Shirley DicKard

Catharine Bramkamp, author. Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice

Catharine Bramkamp is a successful writing coach and author. She is published in over 330 newspaper, blogs and magazine articles including Modern Maturity (AARP), The SF Chronicle and Santa Rosa Magazine. She contributed to two Chicken Soup books and has published anthologies of her poetry, non-fiction and the five book The Real Estate Diva Mysteries.

Catharine holds a BA in English from UCSB and a MA in English from Sonoma State University. She is an adjunct professor for Life Long Learning (OLLI) at Sierra Collage and University of Hawaii. She currently specializes in creativity, journaling and themes in 19th Century history and art.

A native of Nevada County, she recently returned to Nevada City to live with her long suffering husband who complains he is never featured in her writing. Her two boys, who HAVE starred in many newspaper articles, have fled the state.

Photo Credit: Lisa Redfern

Shirley DicKard published her first novel at the age of 74 – a ten-year project that interweaves family history, memoir, and a dystopic speculative future. Heart Wood – Four Women, for the Earth, for the Future is a national winner for Visionary Fiction (National Indie Excellence Award) and Eric Hoffer Award’s Montaigne Medal finalist for “thought-provoking books that illuminate, progress or redirect thought.”

By profession, Shirley is a retired RN. By passion, she is a writer: member of Sierra Writers, co-producer of the Nevada County Women’s Writing Salon, founding member of the Sierra Muses Press and Workshop, and Senior Editor of the Camptonville Courier.

As a new novelist, she was grateful for the support of a writing coach who mentored her through the daunting journey of transforming an accumulation of draft chapters into a published novel.


The Heroine and the Mentor

Saturday, February 12th | 11:00 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Writing your book is like the classic Hero’s Journey. In this workshop we chart the Hero’s (Author’s) journey from comfortable world, call to adventure, resistance, the mentor, ordeals, and finally, ending in triumphant personal transformation. Learn the challenges and delights of creation from both sides of the desk.

Your guides:  Shirley DicKard – the Heroine and award-winning first-time novelist; and the Mentor – Writing Coach Catharine Bramkamp who dragged our Heroine through the quicksand, messy middle, and endless edits to make sure Shirley and her book triumphed in the end.  

You can too.