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The Sierra College Press, one of the very few academic presses operated by a community college in the United States, was formed to publish Standing Guard: Telling our Stories.  Building upon that foundation, the Sierra College Press expanded its role and function to become a wide-ranging academic press and information outlet.

In 2002, in recognition of the 60th anniversary of internment, Sierra Community College faculty and students joined forces with Placer County community members in a yearlong art and education project called Standing Guard. The Standing Guard Project commemorates the World War II Japanese American internment, including the lessons that event taught us about the necessity of protecting and upholding the Constitutional rights of all United States citizens. It’s not simply about remembering the forced internment of Japanese American citizens, but also about education and awareness. 

This year’s Sierra Writers Conference celebrates this incredible achievement with readings, presentations, and workshops dedicated to social and environmental justice issues while also focusing on the craft of writing and publishing.  Join us for four days of learning, collaborating with other writers, sharing, growing and being inspired.

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